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NMIMS 2017 Neurocomputing Methods for Innovative Multimedia Systems
N/A N/A Jul 28, 2017
Technologies for Security of EHR 2017 Emerging Technologies for Security and Authentication of Electronic Health Record (EHR): Opportunities and Challenges
N/A N/A Aug 30, 2017
IoMT Big Data 2017 Towards Smarter Cities: Learning from Internet of Multimedia Things-Generated Big Data
N/A N/A Sep 1, 2017
Watermarking for DRM 2017 Recent Advances in Multimedia Watermarking for Multimedia Digital Rights Management
N/A N/A Sep 30, 2017
Image&Video Processing 2017 Thematic Issue on Advances in Image and Video Processing
N/A N/A Sep 30, 2017
CIP in RS&OSN 2018 Computational Intelligence Paradigms in Recommender Systems and Online Social Networks
N/A N/A Dec 30, 2017
Multimedia Analysis for IoT 2018 Multimedia Analysis for Internet-of-Things
N/A N/A Jan 30, 2018
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