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ACM/Springer MONET SI 2013 Developments in Security and Privacy-preserving mechanisms for Future Mobile Communication Networks
N/A N/A Dec 23, 2012
Secure Mobility 2013 Computer Standards & Interfaces - Special Issue on Secure Mobility in Future Communication Systems under Standardization
N/A N/A Jan 15, 2013
ECRJ-FMC 2013 Electronic Commerce Research Special Issue on Advances in Security and Privacy for Future Mobile Communications
N/A N/A Feb 15, 2013
IEEE Computer - Mobile App. Security 2013 IEEE Computer - Special Issue on Mobile Application Security
N/A N/A Dec 31, 2013
IS-Sec-Big-Data 2014 Special Issue on Security, Privacy and Trust in network-based Big Data
N/A N/A Jan 25, 2014
Security and Privacy in UC 2014 Computer Communications Journal, Special Issue on: Security and Privacy in Unified Communications: Challenges and Solutions
N/A N/A Nov 21, 2014
IJDSN-SI-Smart-Cities 2015 Research Advances in Security and Privacy for Smart Cities
N/A N/A Mar 31, 2015
CRC-Series-in-Security 2016 Call for Book Chapters: Intrusion Detection and Prevention for Mobile Ecosystems
N/A N/A Aug 31, 2016 (Jun 30, 2016)
SPIoT 2017 The 6th International Symposium on Security and Privacy on Internet of Things
Dec 12, 2017 - Dec 15, 2017 Guangzhou, China Aug 31, 2017
Future_Internet-SI 2017 Futute Internet - Special Issue on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks
N/A N/A Nov 30, 2017
SCN-SPMAP 2017 Security and Communication Networks Journal - SI on Security and Privacy in Mobile Applications and Platforms
N/A N/A Dec 1, 2017
IoT-CyberTrust 2018 IEEE Computer Special Issue on Cybertrust in the IoT Age
N/A N/A Dec 1, 2017 (Nov 1, 2017)
WCMC-IoT 2018 WCMC journal, Special issue on Security, Privacy, and Trust on Internet of Things
N/A N/A Jul 27, 2018
JISA-IoT-A&D 2018 Recent Advances in Internet-of-Things Attacks and Defences
N/A N/A Oct 30, 2018
FI-IoTSP 2018 Future Internet Journal: Special Issue on IoT Security and Privacy
N/A N/A Oct 31, 2018
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