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ontology, peer-to-peer, p2p, semantic

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Event When Where Deadline
AIP 2016 Journal Acta Informatica Pragensia
N/A N/A Oct 16, 2016
SI: P2PPMC 2016 Special Issue on Emerging Peer to Peer (P2P) Network Technologies for Pervasive and Mobile Computing-Elsevier Pervasive and Mobile Computing Journal [Impact Factor=2.079] -
N/A N/A Oct 30, 2016
IJCNDS 2016 International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems : Special Issue on:Recent Advances in Communication and Networking
N/A N/A Oct 30, 2016
IEEE TDSC Journal SI 2016 IEEE TDSC Special Issue on Data-Driven Dependability and Security
N/A N/A Nov 16, 2016
BigData D2S- 2016 Special Issue on: Big Data and Data-Driven Science
N/A N/A Nov 30, 2016
CrowdInt-JAIHC 2017 Special Issue: Extracting Crowd Intelligence from Pervasive and Social Big Data [JAIHC]
N/A N/A Dec 15, 2016
Big(ST)Data- 2016 Special Issue on: “Big (Spatio-Temporal) Data-Driven Science”
N/A N/A Dec 30, 2016
SPDA 2017 Special Issue : Semantics-Powered Healthcare Engineering and Data Analytics
N/A N/A Jan 20, 2017
RNMDA 2017 Special Issue on “Resilient Networks : Modeling, Design, and Applications”, Digital Communications and Networks, Elsevier
N/A N/A Jan 24, 2017
JWS-VOILA 2016 Special Issue on Visualization and Interaction for Ontologies and Linked Data
N/A N/A Jan 31, 2017
JISA SoS 2017 JISA Thematic Series on Complex Distributed Systems and Systems of Systems
N/A N/A Jan 31, 2017
IJP2P 2017 International Journal of Peer-to-Peer Networks
N/A N/A Feb 11, 2017
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