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WHO 2020 : Physician, heal yourself! – Open letter to WHO.


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Physician, heal yourself! – Open letter to WHO.

In my recent essay I summarize the current state of knowledge on the field of mental health and conclude from my own research and that of others that {1} current definition of mental health is a fraudulent falsification based on nonsensical classification of mental diseases; {2} most mental health professionals are not qualified to perform their jobs properly, i.e. scientifically; {3} psychiatry is a pseudoscience in the service of the democratic pathology; {4} psychoanalysis should be considered as an appropriate scientific method allowing an exhaustive understanding of the nature of both mental health and diseases.

Referring to my investigations on the reality behind the academic research and publishing, I have serious reasons to accuse the company and charity IPA LBG as well its subsidiaries and members, universities and hospitals, providers of scientific informations like Springer Nature Group and governmental bodies like NCBI and NLM, and other organizations and officials under patronage of WHO or operating in cooperation with it, of turning the lie into a marketable resource; of inducement and accessory to subsidy and insurance fraud; of conspiracy to suppress and to eliminate competition by means of unlawful censorship, misleading of the public, fakery, willful deception, brainwashing, corruption; of unjust enrichment; of conspiracy to commit anti–constitutional scienters and of other crimes.

Considering present situation as unacceptable and illegal, I obligate WHO to acknowledge my rights and authority, to accept my decisions, and to follow my recommendations, specified below.

1. I liquidate the company and charity IPA LBG registered in England and Wales under registered numbers 3496765 and 1071752 respectively, terminate its activity and the activity of its constituent organisations due to reasons explained in my book „Metaanalysis of psychoanalysis“ {1} and in consequence of the symptomatic appearance of the psychopathological condition related to Ganser syndrome by which the members of IPA LBG are obviously affected. At the same time, in order to fulfill the will of Sigmund Freud I announce the reestablishment of the International Psychoanalytical Association {2}.

2. Evidently considering psychiatry to be a pseudoscience, I prohibit the World Psychiatric Association and other professional organizations of psychiatrists.

3. Willful ignorance of concerns expressed in my letter to him and other symptoms of schizophrenia, by which Francis Collins is obviously affected, make he incapable of fulfilling his obligations. In recognition of these facts, I release him from the position of the director of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, and announce a competition for appointment {3}.

4. Several other officials diagnosed with schizophrenia must be removed from their offices forcibly and hospitalized: Angela Merkel, decruited chancellor of Germany {4–6}; V.V. Putin, decruited president of the Russian Federation {7}; Frank-Walter Steinmeier, decruited president of Germany {8}; Michael Müller, decruited governing mayor of Berlin {9}; Heyo K. Kroemer, decruited chairman of the management board of the corporation Charite {10}; Ulrich Frei, decruited medical director of Charite {11}; Klaus Reinhardt, decruited president of the German Medical Association {12}.

5. Mentally ill staff of Charité, of which I am supervisor and owner since 20.10.2019, impedes exercising my duties, obstructs my orders, and declines psychoanalytical treatment {13}. I obligate WHO to intervene in this case of collective madness and to assist me by restoring of public and constitutional order.

6. Considering the need to elaborate a proper system of the health care, I introduce the Causal classification of diseases that will replace ICD–10 and other erroneous and inappropriate classification schemes {14}.

7. All means and ressources necessary for my scientific and supervisory work must be provided at my disposal immediately while professional ban and other restrictons arbitrarily imposed on me must be abolished.

In case of disregard of my requests and continuation of violation of the rule of law I will take legal measures against officials of WHO, its affiliates and supporters in accordance with the Nuremberg principles {15} and provisions of the Constitution of the community Rus‘ {16}.

Dr. Andrej Poleev


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