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IJMAV 2017 : IJMAV 2017 : International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles - Special Collection on Estimation and control for MAV navigation in GPS-denied cluttered environments


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Submission Deadline Apr 30, 2017

Call For Papers

Call for Papers for Special Collection on
Estimation and control for MAV navigation in GPS-denied cluttered environments

Invited Lead Editor Julien Marzat and Guest Editors Guido de Croon, Friedrich Fraundorfer, Pascal Morin, and Antonios Tsourdos invite you to submit your paper to be considered for inclusion in a Special Issue on Estimation and control for MAV navigation in GPS-denied cluttered environments.

New types of missions are being addressed by Micro Air Vehicles (MAV) in GPS-denied environments, which can be either indoor buildings or plants or outdoor facilities such as electrical substations or forests. These places can be highly uncertain with no previous mapping available and little prior information, as well as highly cluttered and possibly containing dynamical objects.

Safe navigation for autonomous surveillance or inspection missions in this type of challenging environment still requires the development of new sensor-based estimation and control algorithms that can be embedded on multi-rotor or flapping-wing MAVs with limited on-board computational capabilities.

In this context, this special issue will cover recent progress in embedded estimation and control algorithms for sensor-based autonomous navigation of MAVs in GPS-denied cluttered environments.

The topics intended to be covered are as follows:

• MAV state estimation and environment reconstruction mainly from vision or laser data
• Guidance and control of MAVs in GPS-denied, unknown and/or cluttered environments
• Sensor-based reactive control for obstacle avoidance and safe navigation
• Detection, tracking and avoidance of dynamical objects
• Experimental results in realistic conditions with limited embedded computation capabilities

The submitted manuscripts for this special issue will be peer-reviewed before publication.

Submission Deadline 30 April 2017
First Round of Reviews 1 September 2017
First Papers Published 1 March 2018

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