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What’s Your Emotional Intelligence 2015 : 2-day In-person Seminar - What’s Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? At Chicago, IL


When Jun 4, 2015 - Jun 5, 2015
Where Chicago, IL
Submission Deadline TBD

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The focus of this two-day seminar is how to use emotional intelligence to increase the performance and effectiveness of managers, supervisors and professional staff.
These five areas will be covered:
1. What and Why of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Define EQ, the neuroscience behind it, and the business case for it - how it relates to individual, team , organization performance and effectiveness with concrete examples.
2. EQ Competency Framework.
Identify the five domains in the EQ model and the three relevant competencies associated with each domain; Do a quick personal assessment and recognize the telltale signs of high and low levels of Emotional intelligence.
3. Strategies to Manage and Improve Your EQ
are aware of four core skills and six practical ways to take ownership of your emotions, thoughts and behaviors to effectively work in difficult situations and with difficult people. Also to
4. HR Application for EQ:
Determine how emotional intelligence can be used in staffing decisions, talent development, employee engagement, change management, leadership succession and other areas within your team or organization.
5. Putting It into Practice:
Analyze specific workplace situations you're dealing with; determine the cause and possible solution based on the EQ framework; identify two potential areas for enhancing your EQ; and develop an action plan.
Why should you attend?
Emotionally intelligent managers, supervisors and professional staff are your greatest assets. They solve problems, resolve conflict and build teamwork. Researchers and business experts agree that people with high emotional intelligence (EQ) are consistently the top performers in their organizations. They're more resilient and flexible when things get tough, and are held in the highest regard by their bosses, peers, co-workers, and others
On the other hand, those with low EQs continually sabotage their own efforts and those of others. They fail to tune into the emotions of their employees; minimize their efforts to solve problem and improve productivity; and tend to alienate the members of their teams and other stakeholders. They more likely see very limited options when emotions are triggered and to say and do things that break down relationships and teamwork. They often find themselves working around or against people rather than with them.
By using the emotional intelligence skills you'll learn during this webinar, you'll gain the ability to more appropriately respond to the world around you and eliminate the stress and frustration that often comes from working with others. In this powerful two day seminar, you'll learn why emotional intelligence is far more than just a handy set of "people skills" and why it's the key skill you must have to be successful in today's workplace!
Areas Covered in the Session:
• Recognize why emotional intelligence is vital to succeeding in today's workplace
• Identify and understanding the five main components of emotional intelligence (EQ)
• Optimize your performance and working relationships by applying the EQ competency model.
• Learn when your emotions can be your greatest asset - and when they're your greatest liability
• Use your EQ to keep employees focused and thinking clearly even during turbulent, emotional times
• Manage emotions in decision making - when to consider your head and when to consider your heart
• Practice EQ strategies to create a positive work environment that allows for good working relationships
• Recognize trigger words, non-verbal cues, and emotionally sensitive situations that hijacking your ability to think and act effectively
• Learn self-management skills to keep your emotions in control in order to effectively lead, manage , collaborate or influence others
Who will benefit:
• CEO's
• COO's
• VP of Human Resources
• Chief Learning Officer
• Directors
• Project Managers
• Operation Managers and Supervisors
• Team Leaders
• Staff Managers and Supervisors
Day One:
Lecture 1: What Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Why It's Imperative for Your Leadership Success
Lecture 2: EQ Competency Framework: 5 Key Domains (Self- Perception, Self - Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making, and Stress Management)
Lecture 3: Your EQ: Strengths and Weaknesses: Gender Differences - Occupational Differences
Lecture 4: Practical Tools and Techniques to Improve Competencies in Each of the 5 Domains - Part 1
Day Two:
Lecture 1: Practical Tools and Techniques to Improve Competencies in Each of the 5 Domains - Part 2
Lecture 2: Creating Successful Teams with Emotional Intelligence:
Lecture 3: HR Application for EQ: Selection and Succession, Leadership and Talent Development, Culture Change, Sales Training, Customer Service
Lecture 4: Putting It into Practice: Learnings and Action Planning
Speaker Profile:
Marcia Zidle MS, NCC, BCC is the CEO of Leaders At All Levels and a board certified executive coach based in Dallas Texas. She works with executives, management teams and high potential professionals ON THE MOVE! They want to move up to the next level - ahead of their competition - into new areas - over and around obstacles - beyond business as usual - towards a sustainable future.
With over 25 years of management, business consulting and international experience in the areas of business transformation, talent management and leadership development, she provides strategic focus, alignment and guidance to business leaders and their teams to ensure they get on the right track, stay on the right track and not get side-tracked in their drive for higher performance and profitability.
Location 1: Chicago, IL | Date: June 4th & 5th, 2014 | Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Price: $795.00 (Seminar for One Delegate)
Register now and save $200. (Early Bird)
Until May 10, Early Bird Price: $795.00
From May 11 to June 02, Regular Price: $995.00

Location 2: SFO, CA | Date: August 6th & 7th, 2014 | Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Register now and save $200. (Early Bird)
Until June 30, Early Bird Price: $795.00
From July 01 to August 04, Regular Price: $995.00

Contact Details:
NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR
161 Mission Falls Lane,
Suite 216, Fremont, CA 94539, USA
Phone: +1-800-385-1627
Event Registration Link:

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