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icmmsee 2014 : 2014 2th international conference on Machinery, Materials Science and Energy Engineering


When Sep 20, 2014 - Sep 21, 2014
Where changsha,china
Abstract Registration Due May 8, 2014
Submission Deadline May 15, 2014
Notification Due May 20, 2014

Call For Papers

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
(1) Mechanical Science
1.Mechanical application
2.Mechanical Design and application
3.Mechanical creative design methodology
4.Design and analysis of dynamics of mechanical systems
5.Mechanical transmission theory and application technology
6.Mechanical reliability theory and engineering
7.Oil and gas machinery and equipment
8.The entire life cycle of product design
10.Reverse engineering
11.Analysis of vibration system
12.Noise, vibration measurement and control
13.Flow-induced vibrations
14.State monitoring and fault diagnosis
15.Vehicle dynamics
16.Rotor dynamics
17.Fluid dynamics
18.Structural dynamics
19.Computational mechanics
20.Fracture mechanics
21.Mechanical engineering tests
22.Machinery manufacturing process
23.Mechanical transmission control
24.Mechanical systems engineering
25.Human factors engineering and applications
26.Application of hydraulic technology
27.Hydraulic servo system using
28.Electric drive control
29.Application of programmable controller in engineering
30.Automobile construction
31.Car design
32.Automobile manufacturing
33.Electrical engineering technology
34.Electronic technology
35.Industrial design

(2) Material Science
1.Structural materials
2.Processing technology
3.Characterization of microstructure and properties of materials
4.Modeling functional materials
5.Material processing
6.Nuclear evolution and transformation
7.Mechanical properties of interfaces and dominance
9.Carbon nano-structure and equipment
10.Synthesis and application of nano-particles
11.Plymer nano-technology
14.Nanotechnology and colloidal
15.Nano-coating, surface and thin films
16.Nano-structured materials and devices
17.Surface science tools and methods
18.Design and manufacturing
19.Market and business impact
20.Agile manufacturing information systems
21.Advanced informationization of manufacturing industry
22.Manufacturing information management system
23.Department of information lifecycle management
24.Computer-aided manufacturing
25.Flexible manufacturing system
26.Manufacturing process management
27.Rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing
28.Powder Engineering
29.Inorganic non-metal material production
30.Material forming mechanics
31.Material processing
32.Material forming and teaching model
33.Computer control of materials in the molding process
34.Rolling principle and technology
35.Transfer principle during the processing of material
36.Welding process
37.Casting process
38.Fuel and combustion

(3) energy engineering
1.Geological structures
2.Rock Mechanics and rock physics
3.Reservior description
5.Oil exploration and development
6.Oil and gas development
7.Drilling and completion
8.Unconventional oil and gas resources
9.Hydrate exploitation and utilization
10.Coal seam Gas Development
11.Hydrocarbon transport
12.Theory and technology of hydrocarbon recovery
13.Renewable energy technologies and equipment
14.Petrochemical Engineering
15.Coal liquefied petroleum gas
16.Solar energy utilization technologies
17.Solar equipment
18.Security of energy supply
19.Coal seam gas development
20.Shale gas development
21.Reservoir fluid
22.Multiphase flow
23.Oil and gas storage and transportation
24.Oil and gas pipelines
25.Oil infrastructure
26.Project development and management
27.Drilling system optimization
28.Unconventional wells
29.Production monitoring
30.Security management
31.Environmental management
32.Energy management and investment
33.Energy laws and regulations
34.Fatigue and testing
35.On-line inspection and nondestructive testing
36.Corrosion and protection
37.Infrastructure maintenance
38.Oil-drilling equipment
39.Electric drive and frequency conversion
40.Underground operation and tools
41.Laser drilling
42.Technology of ultra-deep wells
43.Underbalanced drilling
44.New drilling technology
45.Production technologies
46.>Fracturing and acidizing
47.Enhanced oil recovery technologies
48.Offshore oil drilling equipment
49.Energy saving technology of oilfield

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