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Powerful mafia boss, Matteo Messina Dena 2015 : Powerful mafia boss, Matteo Messina Denaro's sister is arrested in Sicilian raid | Mail Online


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Powerful mafia boss’s sister is one of 30 arrested in Sicilian dawn raid as net closes on mob supremo
(b)Police say they have never been closer to catching elusive crime kingpin(/b) (b)Matteo Messina Denaro, 50, became known as the 'Playboy Boss' (br)(/b) (b)His sister Patrizia was arrested along with other family members in Sicily(/b) (p)(strong)(a href="")watches(/a)(/strong)
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19:24 GMT, 13 December 2013
20:55 GMT, 13 December 2013
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With his sister Patrizia Messina Denaro (pictured) arrested today, police say that they have never been closer to catching mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro (/p)
(p)(strong)(a href="")cheap watches sale(/a)(/strong) (/p)(p)(strong)(a href="")replica watches(/a)(/strong) Close family members of the Sicilian Mafia's fugitive 'boss of bosses' have been arrested with police saying they are closing in on the kingpin.(br) (/p)(p)(strong)(a href="")buy discount watches(/a)(/strong) Police hunting Matteo Messina Denaro, who runs Sicily's Cosa Nostra operation arrested his sister Patrizia, his nephew and two cousins. (/p)(p)(strong)(a href="")luxury watches online(/a)(/strong) Investigators called Friday's pre-dawn sweep a major step in their quest to capture Messina Denaro, who has been at large since 1993. (br) (/p)(p) The capture of other Mafia fugitives has now left the kingpin as the top Cosa Nostra figure being sought. (br) (/p)(p) Carabinieri commander Mario Parente said: 'We have never come as close to Matteo Messina Denaro as today.' (br) (/p)(p) In total, police said around 30 people were arrested around Trapani in the west of the Italian island in a major operation that they called a 'hard blow' to the Mafia leadership around the fugitive boss. (/p)(p) Police also say they have confiscated
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