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CSQN 2024 : Conditiones sine quibus non.


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Conditiones sine quibus non.

Πολλοὶ γάρ εἰσιν κλητοὶ, ὀλίγοι δὲ ἐκλεκτοί.
Ματθαίος 22:14

Psychopaths cannot be psychotherapists, and for the same reason they cannot be involved in the examination of the mental state of other people without being examined themselves. The profession of psychologist, which is misleadingly placed in the same line with other professions, requires, in addition to psychological education, suitability for this kind of activity, which requires that psychologists are mentally healthy and have a healthy mental organization, first of all, those degrees of development of the instance of Self or Ego, thanks to which individuality is possible, and which allow them to control their own behavior and the content of their thought process on a conscious and rational level. This clear sign of professional aptitude is absent in most people in the field of psychology and psychoanalysis. For example, when I described the abnormality of the political system everywhere, and demanded the removal from office and hospitalization of A. Merkel, V. V. Putin, and J. Biden1-5, none of the psychologists supported my demands in any way, from which I concluded that they were incompetent, and which prompted me to declare a ban from their profession6. All these self-appointed psychologists in reality are parasitizing on their clients, not contributing in any way to their healing and to the public health, engaging in pseudoscientific research, cultivating prejudices, and the result of their joint activity was the fraudulent manipulation of people during the so-called COVID-19 epidemic, which ended in war in Europe7. Psychologists began to speak about madness of V. V. Putin only after 24.02.2022, however, as about the only and exclusive culprit of the war8. The extent to which the pretensions of impostors to possess professional qualifications diverge from reality is shown by my experience of communication with members of self-appointed psychological associations. An example of this is the refusal of the International Psychoanalytic Association to assist me in the completion of my book, the first version of which was written in 20169. The psychopaths in the Vienna Psychoanalytic Association have shown themselves to be insensitive and conscienceless egoists, and they simply ignored my ban letter, which is proof of their incapacity for mental self-regulation, which is characteristic of mature people10,11. The behavior of members of the American Psychological Association, to which I have repeatedly addressed on various occasions, reveals their lack of empathy, about which they are so fond of ranting, and which is a clear sign of a psychopathic personality structure. As for the self-appointed psychologists on the territory of the former USSR, which is since 12.12.2018 under the jurisdiction of the community Rus’, they have neither qualifications nor a healthy mental organization necessary for profession, the proofs of which are numerous. Instead of scientific psychology the basis of their profession is shamanism and other false teachings12,13, and many of them shamelessly participate in deceiving the people, in strengthening schizophrenic tendencies, in slandering people, presented by them as expert opinions on the order of judges like them.14-18

One of the gravest consequences of unscientific psychology is wars. This applies both to the wars in Europe in the 20th century and the current war there as well. Should the scientific views on mental health and disease, as set forth in Eugene Bleuler's monograph published in 1911, have prevailed in politics and become a guide for the people whose duty it was to maintain public order, the war that began in 1914, as well as subsequent wars, could have been prevented. The ignoring of scientific psychology, which was eroded by various pseudoscientific concepts, led subsequently to a rampant democracy in which any distinction between mental health and disease was lost, and this in turn led to the overpowering of psychopaths that continues to this day19-39. Psychopaths have turned schools, whether schools of general education, universities, or such of specialized higher education, into factories for the production of psychopaths, just as defective prion proteins cause a chain reaction of conformational transformation of normal proteins homologous to them into pathogenic ones. The unlearned lesson in the history of psychology is that there is still no scientifically sound certification system for psychologists, and the consequence is the inability to counter psychopaths and psychopathological tendencies in society. That is why the reestablishment of the International Psychoanalytical Association and the reexamination of psychologists based on criteria of scientificity and rightfulness is necessary to put an end to arbitrariness and irresponsibility. 40

Dr. Andrej Poleev
Berlin, 3.12.2023.

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