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MMESE 2022 : The 22nd International Conference on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering


When Oct 21, 2022 - Oct 23, 2022
Where Beijing China
Submission Deadline Feb 28, 2022
Categories    man-machine-environment system   human factors   man-machine system   ergonomics

Call For Papers

The 22nd International Conference on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering
2022 Oct. 21st-23rd Beijing • China
Call for Papers

The 22nd International Conference on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering will be held in Beijing China on October 21st~23rd, 2022. We welcome submissions of research papers related to MMESE subject that have not been published publicly in recent years and do not involve confidential content.

Proceedings of MMESE conference have been indexed by EI for 9 consecutive sessions;
Proceedings of MMESE conference have been rated as TOP 25% download journals by Springer for several years;
The cumulative online download volume of MMESE chapters from Springer exceeds 500,000;

Conference Organizer:
Beijing Kecui Man-Machine Environment System Engineering Technology Research Institute

Conference Co-organizer:
University of Toronto Human Factors and Applied Statistics Laboratory,
Beijing Human Factors Intelligent Engineering Technology Research Institute
China Innovation Design Big Data Beijing Center

Conference Undertaker:
Beijing Kingfar Technology Co., Ltd.,

Official website:

1. MMESE Conference Introduction:

In 1981, under the personal guidance of the great scientist Qian Xuesen, a comprehensive cross-technology science Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering (MMESE) was born in China. Man-machine-environment system engineering is a science that uses system science theory and system engineering methods to correctly deal with the relationship between the three elements of man, machine and environment, and in-depth study of the optimal combination of man-machine-environment systems, so as to realize human. The three major goals of machine-environment system are "safety, high efficiency and economy". Qian Xuesen spoke highly of this emerging science. On October 22, 1993, he wrote to Professor Long Shengzhao, the founder of the discipline, stating: "You have created this important modern science and technology in socialist China!"

Qian Xuesen (1911.12.11-2009.10.31)

On June 26, 2001, Qian Xuesen also pointed out in his congratulatory letter to the 20th Anniversary Meeting of the Founding of Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering: "In the past 20 years, you have been active in the emerging scientific field of Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering. I am sincerely happy to explore and explore and have achieved very gratifying results. I hope you will continue to encourage you to vigorously promote the vigorous development of the theory and application of man-machine-environment system engineering, and contribute to the progress of science and technology in China and the world Actively contribute!"
2,Conference Paper Theme

Welcome to MMESE academic research papers that have not been published in recent years and do not involve confidential content (in English or Chinese, if they are submitted in Chinese, additional Chinese-English translation fees are required) can be submitted to the MMESE annual conference. According to the seven research categories of MMESE (see the figure below), the author of the paper can write the paper according to the actual research situation. In addition, papers on MMESE theory and application are also very welcome. Therefore, the submitted paper hopes to fit the following eight basic themes.

Seven research areas of MMESE

(1)   Research on Man Character (M)
a)Measurement of human capability   
b)Evaluation of human capability   
c)Human physical workload   
d)Human mental workload         
e)Human psychological workload   
f)Human reliability
g)Human control model           
h)Human decision-making model   
i)Anthropometry technology
j)Operator selecting Operator training

(2)   Research on Machine Character (M)
a)Machine operability             
b)Machine maintainability         
c)Machine dynamic modeling technology
d)Error-preventing design of machine

(3)   Research on Environment Character (E)
a)Environment monitoring         
b)Environment controlling         
c)Environment modeling
d)Environment simulation

(4)   Research on Man-Machine Relationship (MMR)
a)Static man-machine relationship
b)Arrangement of work space                   
c)Design of work space
d)Dynamic man-machine relationship
e)Function allocation of the man and machine           
f)Function comparison of the man and machine
g)Display and control technology                               
h)Design and evaluation of man-machine interface
i)Application of multiple-medium technology to the study of man-machine relationship
j)Application of digital human to the study of man-machine relationship

(5)   Research on Man-Environment Relationship (MER)
a)Environmental influence on man   
b)Human influence on environment       
c)Personal protective equipment

(6)   Research on Machine-Environment Relationship (MER)
a)Environmental influence on machine performance         
b)Machine influence on environment

(7)   Research on overall performance of Man-Machine-Environment System (MMES)
a)Overall mathematical model of man-machine-environment system   
b)Total mathematical simulation technology   
c)Half physical simulation technology                           
d)Total physical simulation technology
e)Analysis, design and evaluation of the overall performance         
f)Safety design and evaluation
g)High Efficiency design and evaluation                         
h)Economy design and evaluation

(8) Applications research of MMESE
a)Application to Aviation                 
b)Application to Space                 
c)Application to Navigation
d)Application to Nuclear Energy Industry   
e)Application to Traffic Transportation   
f)Application to Industry Production         
g)Application to Corporation Management
h)Application to Computer Interface Design
i)Application to Computer and Human Interaction
j)Application to Computer and Machine Vision
k)Application to Robotics and Automation
l)etc ……

Other papers in MMESE related research topics and subjects below are also welcomed:

*Human Factor Engineering)
*Human Engineering)
*Human Behavior)
*Human-Computer Interaction)
*Man-Machine System)
*Artificial Intelligence)
*Engineering Psychology)
*User Design)
*Environment Medicine)
*Environmental Engineering)
*System Engineering)

3. Important Dates

Date Actions
Before 2022,
Feb,28th The author of the paper must submit the full text of the paper online or by E-mail on the official website of MMESE
Before 2022,
March,15th After the paper has been reviewed by experts, an acceptance letter will be issued and comments on the revision of the paper will be provided
Before 2022,
March,30th The author of the paper will send the revised paper and conference registration fee to the conference organizing committee
Around 2022,
Aug,30th Issuing notice of conference schedule

4. Methods and Requirements for Paper Submission

1) Each paper must submit the following 4 forms of documents:
a)Word file: a complete article including diagrams and all text;
b)PDF file corresponding to Word file;
c)The source files of the paper illustrations, the resolution of bitmaps and line drawings must be greater than 400dpi;
d)Download and fill in the "Confirmation Form for Paper Submission Information" at the end of this article

2) Before February 28, 2022, authors can directly submit their papers online on the official website of MMESE.
Online submission method:
a)Go to the MMESE website:
b)Register as a member of the website
c)Then enter the (paper submission) page under the (paper publication) column
d)Pack all relevant files of the paper into one file (.zip or .rar) with a compression tool
e)Fill out the paper submission form online and upload a compressed file
f)Members can check the review status of the paper in (My Form) under (Member Center)
        Or E-mail submission
a)Pack all relevant files of the paper into one single file package (.zip or .rar) with a compression tool
b)E-mail the compressed file package to the MMESE contact email

3). Paper format Requirements:
a)The entire content of the paper is strictly written in accordance with the "Springer Paper Template", which can be downloaded from the end of the content of this article, or downloaded in the article under the (Thesis Template) page of the MMESE website;
b)The full text of the paper should be controlled within 8 pages;
c)Page setting requirements: A4 layout: top 5.2cm, bottom 5.7cm, left 4.6cm, right 4.7cm;
d)If written in Chinese, the title of the paper, the name of the author, the affiliation of the author, the abstract and keywords must be translated in English;
e)The illustrations must be clear, and the resolution of bitmaps and line drawings must be greater than 400dpi;
f)Illustration text and title must be in English;
g)The text and title of the form must be translated into English;
h)Tables and formulas must be edited and input, and cannot be inserted in picture format;
i)References must be more than 5, and all references should be translated into English;
j)All references appearing in the references should be marked with square brackets [ ] in the main text;
k)If there is no citation in the main text, it should be deleted from the references;
l)If it is a URL type reference, please ensure that the link can be opened and provide the time to obtain it;

4).The body of the paper must include the research purpose, research methods, research results and research conclusions (including applications), etc. Please do not submit review papers;

5). The English abstract should be controlled between 10-15 lines, and must include the research purpose, research methods, research results and conclusions (including applications), etc.;

5. Publication of Conference Proceeding

The accepted papers of this conference are published and distributed by the internationally renowned publishing house Springer. The English name of the proceedings is: "Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering: Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on MMESE", and then sent to EI for application Core inspection. This collection of essays is a part of Springer's "Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering" (LNEE) series.
The Proceeding’s ISSN number is ISSN 1876-1100.
The website of the publication is: http:/

Proceedings of MMESE conference have been indexed by EI for 9 consecutive sessions;
Proceedings of MMESE conference have been rated as TOP25% download journals by Springer for several years;
The cumulative number of Springer online downloads of the chapters of MMESE exceeds 500,000 times;

The conference proceedings recently published by MMESE can be purchased and downloaded from the following well-known e-book stores:

Amazon KindleShop   
Apple iTunes               
Google play 

6. Conference Registration and Fees

1) Each paper must have 1 author to register for the conference, and the registration fee is 3900 yuan (including paper layout fee, conference fee, and 1 electronic essay collection. If you attend the conference, you will receive 1 printed essay collection). If the paper exceeds 8 pages, an extra page fee will be charged. If the paper is in Chinese, additional translation fees will be required.
2) Submit multiple papers as the first author. From the second paper onwards, the registration fee for each paper is 3700 yuan. If the paper exceeds 8 pages, an extra page fee will be charged.
3) When non-paper authors and unregistered paper authors attend the conference, they need to pay a conference fee of 1,200 yuan (including meal fees, material fees and 1 printed essay), and students (with student ID) 800 yuan (including meal fees, Data fee and 1 printed essay collection).

7、Other Important Notes:

1) The result of the paper review will be notified by E-mail to the first author of the paper (or the contact person designated by the paper author). Authors who submit online can check the review status of their papers in (My Form) under (Member Center) on the MMESE official website. If your E-mail address has changed, please inform us and update the member information in time.
2) Download and fill in the "Confirmation Form for Paper Submission Information" at the end of this article, and provide relevant information in the form:
a)The Chinese names of the first and second authors of the paper, and the title of the first author of the paper
b)The E-mail address, mobile phone number (or contact number), mailing address, zip code, etc. of the first author or corresponding author of the paper. Note: This type of contact information is only used for contact and does not appear in the collection of papers)
3) The authors of the thesis should keep their own manuscripts. If the acceptance letter is not received by June 30, 2021, it means that the expert review of your thesis has not passed, and your thesis can be processed by yourself.
4) In order to ensure the quality of the conference proceedings, the MMESE editorial board and the German Springer Publishing House will jointly conduct a preliminary review and a preliminary review of the academic value of the paper, innovative perspectives, English writing quality, repetition with other documents, and ethical conditions. And a second review. If the second review of the paper fails, your paper will be withdrawn, but the conference registration fee will not be refunded.
5). The MMESE editorial board and Springer Publishing House of Germany may arrange the first review, first review, second review and proofreading of the paper during the summer vacation. If your paper cannot be revised and responded in time during this period, it is recommended not to submit the paper.
6). Please check the duplicate (the degree of duplication with other documents) before submitting the paper. The Chinese version of the paper check (check) website is

8,Contact Us

Beijing Kecui Man-Machine Environment System Engineering Technology Research Institute
Address: Yard 1, Yuanmingyuan West Road, Beijing, China
Mailbox: P.O. Box 5104-14, Zip Code: 100193

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