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CO 2022 : Constitutional Order


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In accordance with Articles 1.4, 3.8, 3.9, 3.13, 6.12, 7.2 and 7.5 of the Constitution of the Community Rus' and previous decisions, I prohibit the United Cities and Local Governments and seize all assets and property of this organization and of persons belonging to it, that I assign to the Foundation of the Constitutional Development.

Prohibited organization operates contrary to the principles of law, has a clearly totalitarian and criminal nature, and is led by and acts in complicity with previously prohibited organizations: the United Nations Organization, the World Health Organization, the Russian Federation, the European Union and others. {1}

The proclaimed goals of prohibited organizations are only a cover for the unlawful takeover and retention of power by persons who are pathologically predisposed to commit unlawful acts, which they demonstrate by their unlawful policy of intimidation and segregation of the people under the slogan "divide and conquer" {2-3}, pandering the mafia groups conducting medical and social experiments contrary to the international law {4} and grossly violating the foundations of the constitutional order and rationality. The basis of the unbridled impunity of all these persons are declared various fraudulent publications, falsity and unlawfulness of which is obvious and proved. {5-7}

Considering the fact that such are crimes against humanity, committed and committing by criminals in a state of beastliness and permanent mental blackout, diagnosed as schizophrenia {8}, all of them are incapable and insane persons, and therefore deprivation of all their rights is justified and legitimate in accordance with Articles 2.5, 3.2, 3.4, 4.1, 7.5 of the Constitution of the Community of Rus'. The possession and enjoyment of rights, including the right to life, presupposes respect for the rights of other rightsholders, and those who are not individuals but psychopaths and therefore have neither conscience nor reason, and are unable to exercise self-control, which is essential to both social cohabitation and public order, are subjects in appropriate cases to hospitalization or forcible deprivation of life in accordance with the Nuremberg principles of law. {9}

The war waged by psychopaths against the people is an expression of their suicidal tendencies turned outward in an attempt to deflect the inevitability of punishment and to divert people's attention from the complete inability of psychopaths and their organizations to solve the urgent problems arising from the unconcealed irrationality of ideas about right, justice, and truth, imposed on others by methods of psychological pressure and brainwashing {10}. The army of supporters of a perverted political system, declared by them to have no alternative {11}, formed through psychological warfare and bribery promotes the establishment of global fascism and Nazism by pathologizing the consciousness of people, and the disappearance of distinctions between normality and abnormality, law and lawlessness leads to the fact that any lawlessness, up to massacres and killings of opponents of this political system, can be declared legal and legitimate, as it has already repeatedly happened in different countries and societies.

In case of continuation of unlawful activity, violators will be punished in accordance with the above-mentioned norms of law.

Dr. Andrej Poleev
Berlin, 15.12.2021


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