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Event When Where Deadline
EuroGP 2017 20th European Conference on Genetic Programming
Apr 19, 2017 - Apr 21, 2017 Amsterdam Nov 1, 2016
EuroGP 2015 18th European Conference on Genetic Programming 2015
Apr 8, 2015 - Apr 15, 2014 Copenhagen, Denmark Nov 15, 2014
EuroGP 2014 European Conference on Genetic Programming
Apr 23, 2014 - Apr 25, 2014 Granada, Spain Nov 1, 2013
EuroGP 2013 European Conference on Genetic Programming
Apr 3, 2013 - Apr 5, 2013 Vienna, Austria Nov 11, 2012
EuroGP 2008 11th European Conference on Genetic Programming
Mar 24, 2008 - Mar 26, 2008 Naples, Italy Nov 1, 2007

Present CFP : 2017


EuroGP 2017, the 20th European Conference on Genetic Programming

19-21 April 2017

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


NEWS: paper length limit increased to 16 pages

EuroGP is the premier annual conference on Genetic Programming, the
oldest and the only meeting worldwide devoted specifically to this
branch of evolutionary computation. It is always a high-quality,
enjoyable, friendly event, attracting participants from all
continents, and offering excellent opportunities for networking,
informal contact, and exchange of ideas with fellow researchers. It
will feature a mixture of oral presentations and poster sessions and
invited keynote speakers.

High quality papers describing new original research are sought on
topics strongly related to the evolution of computer programs, ranging
from theoretical work to innovative applications. The conference will
feature a mixture of oral presentations and poster sessions. In 2016,
the overall EuroGP acceptance rate was 53% (31% for oral

++++++ Areas of Interest and Contributions ++++++

Topics include but are not limited to:

* Innovative applications of GP
* Theoretical developments
* GP performance and behaviour
* Fitness landscape analysis of GP
* Algorithms, representations and operators
* Search-based software engineering
* Genetic improvement programming
* Evolutionary design
* Evolutionary robotics
* Tree-based GP and Linear GP
* Graph-based GP and Grammar-based GP
* Evolvable hardware
* Self-reproducing programs
* Multi-population GP
* Multi-objective GP
* Fast/Parallel GP
* Probabilistic GP
* Object-oriented GP
* Hybrid architectures including GP
* Coevolution in GP
* Modularity in GP
* Semantics in GP
* Unconventional GP
* Automatic software maintenance
* Evolutionary inductive programming
* Evolution of automata or machines

++++++ Publication Details ++++++

Accepted papers will be included in the proceedings published by
Springer Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
series. The papers which receive the best reviews will be nominated
for the Best Paper Award.

EuroGP 2017 will be co-located with three related EvoSTAR conferences:
EvoCOP, EvoMUSART, and EvoApplications.

++++++ Submission Details ++++++

Submissions must be original and not published elsewhere. They will be
peer reviewed by at least three members of the program committee. The
reviewing process will be double-blind, so please omit information
about the authors in the submitted paper. Please submit your
manuscript in Springer LNCS format.

*** NEW PAGE LIMIT: 16 pages ***

The authors of accepted papers will have to improve their paper on the
basis of the reviewers’ comments and will be asked to send a camera
ready version of their manuscripts. At least one author of each
accepted work has to register for the conference, attend the
conference and present the work.

Submission page:

EuroGP programme chairs
James McDermott,
University College Dublin, Ireland (jmmcd(at)

Mauro Castelli,
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal (mcastelli(at)

EuroGP publication chair
Lukas Sekanina,
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, sekanina(at)

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