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CompSysTech 2011 International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies
Jun 16, 2011 - Jun 17, 2011 Vienna, Austria Mar 31, 2011

Present CFP : 2011

CompSysTech’11 ®

16-17 June 2011, Vienna University of Technology , AUSTRIA

The CompSysTech’10 International Conference is organized by THE BULGARIAN ACADEMIC SOCIETY OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES and by THE ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTING MACHINERY and its OBJECTIVE is to intensify the information exchange of results in theoretical research and practical developments in this field.

1. Computer Systems (Hardware).
2. Computer Systems (Software).
3. Application Aspects of Computer Systems and Technologies.
4. Educational Aspects of Computer Systems and Technologies.
5. The youth and the ICT: High-School Students’ Section; Students’ Section; PhD Students’ Section.
6. Workshops.

Note: Only research papers concerning CST will be considered in this conference. After receiving and systematising the main part of the papers, the Programme Committee will specify and divide the papers into sections and subsections and elaborate the programme of the conference.


Please, download the sample paper from the page “Submission Requirements” of the conference WEB site.
Language – English.
Font - Arial (Word 6.0 or later).
Page Setup - Top: 2 cm, Bottom: 2 cm,
Inside: 2 cm, Outside: 2 cm.
Paper Size - A4.
Line spacing - Format, Paragraph, Line spacing: Single.
Paragraph first line - Format, Paragraph, Special: First Line, By: 1 cm.
Header – as in the sample paper on the Web site.
One blank line on the first page below Header - Font Size 14.
Title - Font Size 14, Centred, Bold.
One blank line.
Author’s first name and family name - Font Size 12, Centered.
One blank line.
Abstract - Font Size 10, Italic, 5-6 lines.
Keywords - Font Size 10, Italic, 1-2 lines.
One blank line.
Paper layout - Font Size 12.
Four blank lines at the end of the first page and only - Font Size 14.
After the References - Names of authors, degrees, place of work, phone and e-mail.
The figures (black and white) must be in a widespread PC format, integrated in the text, with numbers and captions centred beneath them.
The tables must have numbers and captions above them, aligned right.
The equations must be numbered – with numbers in brackets aligned to the right.
The referencing in the paper to literature sources must be indicated by figures in square brackets.
The references must be in alphabetical order of the surnames of the first author and must follow the bibliographic IEEE standards of journals.
Pages must not be numbered.
Footer – as in the example paper on the Web site.
Number of pages – up to 6, incl. the abstract.
Format – PDF.

CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS will include only papers, which meet all formatting requirements and are accepted by the management of the corresponding section. It will be printed and submitted to: The National Library of St. Cyril and St. Methodius; Central Institute for Scientific and Technical Information; The Libraries of BAS, TU-Sofia, TU-Plovdiv, TU-Varna, TU-Gabrovo, VTU-V.Tyrnovo, RU “Angel Kanchev” and other universities; Libraries of all universities – ETN TRICE partners; Libraries of ACM, IEEE, IEE INSPEC, etc.

Including the programme, conference proceedings, coffee breaks and cocktails 150 Euro (for TN ECET, ETN DEC and ETN TRICE Partners – 75 Euro). The fee must be paid in cash in Euro or BG leva at the conference registration.

31.03.2011 – uploading full papers (in English) on the conference web site in PDF format - HARD;
14.05.2011 – sending a message with the reviews and the decision of the Programme committee;
16-17.06.2011 – conducting the Conference;
25.06.2011 – uploading final versions of the paper on the conference web site – HARD;
31.08.2011 – publishing the papers on the conference web site, on a CD and on paper proceedings.

Companies and organisations, who wish to participate in the conference, must state this by 20/05/2011. The conference fee for non-university organisations is 200 Euro. The companies are allowed to present papers, posters and/or exhibitions as well as to publish advertisements in the conference programme and proceedings.

All e-mails concerning financial questions should be addressed to
All e-mails concerning accommodation requests should be addressed to Wolfgang Spreicer (
Any special enquiries can be directed to Boris Rachev ( or Todor Stoilov (

Honorary Co-Chairs:
Kiril Boyanov, Acad., DSc. (Bulgaria)
Vasil Sgurev, Acad., DSc. (Bulgaria)
Boris Rachev (Bulgaria)
Todor Stoilov (Bulgaria)
Scientific Secretary:
Dimo Dimov (Bulgaria)
Members (invited):
Alexander Sudnitson (Estonia)
Alla Anohina (Latvia)
Amar Ramdane-Cherif (France)
Angel Popov (Bulgaria)
Antanas Zilinskas (Lithuania)
Antonio Mendes (Portugal)
Atanas Gotchev (Finland)
Avram Eskenazi (Bulgaria)
Bernhard Spanlang (Spain)
Bozhan Zhechev (Bulgaria)
Candelaria Hernández-Goya (Spain)
Chakib Tadj (Canada)
Danail Dochev (Bulgaria)
Douglas Harms (United States)
Eugenijus Macikenas (Lithuania)
Evtim Peytchev (United Kingdom)
Fernand Vandamme (Belgium)
George Totkov (Bulgaria)
Georgi Gluhchev (Bulgaria)
Georgi Todorov (Bulgaria)
Grisha Spasov (Bulgaria)
Heinz-Dietrich Wuttke (Germany)
Hilda Tellioglu (Austria)
Howard Duncan (Ireland)
Iliya Georgiev (United States)
Ivan Jelinek (Czech Republic)
Jaime Sanchez (Chile)
Janis Grundspenkis (Latvia)
Janusz Jablonowski (Poland)
Jiri Srba (Denmark)
John Galetly (USA)
Jordan Kolev (Bulgaria)
Jorge Ramio (Spain)
Joris Mihaeli (Israel)
Jouni Ikonen (Finland)

Hilda Tellioglu (Austria)
Angel Smrikarov (Bulgaria)
Wolfgang Spreicer (Austria)
Margarita Grigorova (Bulgaria)
Paulina Linseder (Austria)
Simone Risslegger (Austria)
Patrick Wolowicz (Austria)
Verena Himmelbauer (Austria)
Raicho Ilarionov (Bulgaria)
Jordan Kalmukov (Bulgaria)

Further information regarding the conference will be available at or

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