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Event When Where Deadline
Jul 13, 2020 - Jul 17, 2020 Madrid, Spain Jan 20, 2020
COMPSAC 2019 COMPSAC 2019: Data Driven Intelligence for a Smarter World
Jul 15, 2019 - Jul 19, 2019 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Jan 21, 2019
COMPSAC 2018 Computer Software and Applications Conference
Jul 23, 2018 - Jul 27, 2018 Tokyo, Japan Jan 15, 2018
COMPSAC 2015 Computer Software and Applications Conference
Jul 1, 2015 - Jul 5, 2015 Taichung, Taiwan Jan 17, 2015
COMPSAC 2013 The 37th Annual International Computer Software & Applications Conference
Jul 22, 2013 - Jul 26, 2013 Kyoto, Japan Feb 3, 2013 (Jan 20, 2013)
COMPSAC 2012 The IEEE Signature Conference on Computer Software & Applications
Jul 16, 2012 - Jul 20, 2012 Izmir, Turkey Feb 3, 2012 (Jan 15, 2012)
COMPSAC 2011 IEEE 35th Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference
Jul 18, 2011 - Jul 22, 2011 Munich, Germany Jan 16, 2011
COMPSAC 2010 IEEE 34th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference
Jul 19, 2010 - Jul 23, 2010 Seoul , Korea Jan 31, 2010 (Jan 15, 2010)
COMPSAC 2009 IEEE 33rd International Computer Software and Applications Conference
Jul 20, 2009 - Jul 24, 2009 Seattle, WA, USA Jan 30, 2009 (Jan 12, 2009)
COMPSAC 2008 32nd Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference
Jul 28, 2008 - Aug 1, 2008 Turku, Finland Jan 31, 2008 (Jan 15, 2008)

Present CFP : 2020

COMPSAC 2020 – Call for Papers

COMPSAC is the IEEE Computer Society Signature Conference on Computers, Software and Applications. It is a major international forum for academia, industry, and government to discuss research results and advancements, emerging challenges, and future trends in computer and software technologies and applications. The theme of COMPSAC 2020 is “Driving Intelligent Transformation of the Digital World”.

Staying relevant in a constantly evolving digital landscape is a challenge faced by researchers, developers, and producers in virtually every industry and area of study. Once limited to software-enabled devices, the ubiquity of digitally-enabled systems makes this challenge a universal issue. Furthermore, as relevance fuels change, many influencers will offer solutions that benefit their own priorities. Fortunately, history has shown that the building blocks of digital change are forged by those conducting foundational research and development of digital systems and human interactions. Artificial Intelligence is not new, but is much more utilized in everyday computing now that data and processing resources are more economically viable, hence widely available. The opportunity to drive the use of this powerful tool in transforming the digital world is yours. Will your results help define the path ahead, or will you relegate those decisions to those with different priorities for utilizing intelligence in digital systems? COMPSAC has been and continues to be a highly respected venue for the dissemination of key research on computer and software systems and applications, and has influenced fundamental developments in these fields for over 40 years. COMPSAC 2020 is your opportunity to add your mark to this ongoing journey, and we highly encourage your submission!

COMPSAC 2020, organized as a tightly integrated union of 11 symposia (see the list below; details of each symposia at, will focus on technical aspects of issues relevant to intelligent transformation of the digital world. The technical program will include keynote addresses, research papers, industrial case studies, fast abstracts, a doctoral symposium, poster sessions, and workshops and tutorials on emerging and important topics related to the conference theme. Highlights of the conference will include plenary and specialized panels that will address the technical challenges facing researchers and practitioners who are driving fundamental changes in intelligent systems and applications. Panels will also address cultural and societal challenges for a society whose members must continue to learn to live, work, and play in the environments the technologies produce.

Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research work, as well as industrial practice reports. Simultaneous submission to other publication venues is not permitted except as highlighted in the COMPSAC 2020 J1C2 & C1J2 program. All submissions must adhere to IEEE Publishing Policies, and will be vetted through the IEEE CrossCheck portal.

COMPSAC 2020 Symposia

ASYS: Autonomous Systems
CAP: Computer Architectures & Platforms
CELT: Computing Education & Learning Technologies
DSAT: Data Sciences, Analytics & Technologies
EATA: Emerging Advances in Technologies & Applications
HCSC: Human Computing & Social Computing
ITIP: IT in Practice
MOWU: Mobile, Wearable & Ubiquitous Computing
NCIW: Networks, Communications, Internet & Web Technologies
SCH: Smart & Connected Health
SEPT: Security, Privacy & Trust in Computing
SETA: Software Engineering Technologies & Applications
SIoT: Smart IoT Systems & Applications

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