COIN: Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Agent Systems



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Event When Where Deadline
COIN 2017 Workshop on Coordination, Organizations, Institutions and Norms
May 8, 2017 - May 9, 2017 São Paulo, Brazil Feb 7, 2017
COIN 2009 8th International Workshop on Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Agent Systems
Jul 11, 2009 - Jul 13, 2009 Pasadena, CA, US Mar 6, 2009

Present CFP : 2017

Call for Papers

Current ICT solutions exhibit unprecedented levels of sophistication,
only achievable via the interconnection of hundreds or thousands of
software components. In many scenarios, these components are supplied by
third parties and they may come and go (i.e., we have an open ecosystem
of components), they may have various degrees of autonomy (i.e., they
may "not do as told"), and they interact with one another as well as
with digital and physical assets, whilst competing and/or collaborating
to achieve individual and global goals.

The design, engineering, analysis and verification (among other
activities) of such systems require novel metaphors, formalisms,
mechanisms, techniques, and tools stemming from the study of
coordination, organisations, (artificial and electronic) institutions,
and norms. More recently, a new generation of socio-technical systems,
combining human and software participants and components, raise the
importance of the study of the topics within the remit of the proposed

The proposed workshop, a long-standing satellite event of past versions
of AAMAS, IJCAI and ECAI for more than 10 years, is to bring together
researchers and practitioners in autonomous agents and multi-agent
systems working on the scientific and technological aspects of social
coordination, organisational theory, normative (multi-agent) systems,
artificial or electronic institutions and norm-aware agents.

We invite contributions of papers on: - mathematical, logical,
computational, philosophical and pragmatic issues related to the topics
above; - modelling, animation and simulation techniques for open MAS; -
exploration of the topics above in socio-technical systems; - tools,
prototypes and real-life systems adopting COIN-related approaches; -
experimental investigation of the effectiveness of COIN-related
technologies; - human-oriented representation and application of
COIN-related topics (e.g., norms in natural language for humans, norms
and coordination for practical planning); and - challenging or
innovative ideas relevant to the field.

The workshop complements the main AAMAS program by allowing a more
relaxed and in-depth discussion of MAS from a social perspective and has
proven to be an event that encourages debate, and fosters collaboration
among researchers in these topics. COIN has a B-rating on the Computing
Research and Education Association of Australasia (CORE) conference
ranking list (, and has a B4
rating by the Qualis ranking from CAPES (

Important Dates

(These dates are subject to later updates)

- February 7, 2017: Deadline for paper submissions
- March 2, 2017: Paper notifications sent
- March 9, 2017: Camera-ready copy due
- May 8 or 9, 2017: Date of workshop

Instructions for Authors

For preparation of papers please follow the instructions for authors
available at the Springer LNCS Web page. The length of each paper
including figures and references may not exceed 16 pages. All papers
must be written in English and submitted in PDF format. For submission
of papers, please use the EasyChair site at:

Submission of a paper should be regarded as an undertaking that, should
the paper be accepted, at least one of the authors will attend the
workshop to present the work.


Preliminary proceedings will be available before the conference. They
will also be distributed to AAMAS 2017 registrants in electronic form.

As with previous COIN workshops, we will have an LNCS post-proceedings.
Authors will be invited to submit revised and extended versions of their
paper for consideration for a Springer LNCS volume combining the
post-proceedings of this workshop with those for a second COIN workshop
to be held later in 2017.

Revised papers must take into account the discussion held during the
workshop; hence, only papers that are presented during the workshop will
be considered for inclusion in the post-proceedings volume.

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