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Event When Where Deadline
SPLC 2019 23rd International Systems and Software Product Line Conference
Sep 9, 2019 - Sep 13, 2019 Paris, France Mar 19, 2019
SPLC 2018 Software Product Lines
Sep 10, 2018 - Sep 14, 2018 Gothenburg, Sweden Mar 23, 2018 (Mar 16, 2018)
SPLC 2017 21st International Systems and Software Product Line Conference
Sep 25, 2017 - Sep 29, 2017 Sevilla, Spain Mar 24, 2017 (Mar 17, 2017)
SPLC 2016 International Systems and Software Product Line Conference
Sep 19, 2016 - Sep 23, 2016 Beijing, China May 16, 2016
SPLC 2015 Software Product Line Conference 2015
Jul 20, 2015 - Jul 24, 2015 Nashville, TN Apr 17, 2015 (Mar 27, 2015)
SPLC 2014 Software Product Lines
Sep 15, 2014 - Sep 19, 2014 Florence, Italy Apr 11, 2014 (Apr 4, 2014)
SPLC 2013 2013 International Software Product Line Conference: Call for Research and Industry Papers
Aug 26, 2013 - Aug 30, 2013 Tokyo, Japan Mar 8, 2013 (Mar 1, 2013)
SPLC 2012 16th International Software Product Line Conference
Sep 2, 2012 - Sep 7, 2012 Salvador, Brazil Feb 20, 2012
SPLC 2010 14th International Software Product Line Conference
Sep 13, 2010 - Sep 17, 2010 Jeju Island, South Korea Feb 28, 2010
SPLC 2008 12th International Software Product Line Conference
Sep 8, 2008 - Sep 8, 2008 Limerick, Ireland Feb 22, 2008

Present CFP : 2019


SPLC 2019: 23rd International Systems and Software Product Line Conference

Sept. 9-13, 2019, Paris, France


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The Systems and Software Product Line Conference (SPLC) is a premier forum where researchers, practitioners, and educators can present and discuss the most recent ideas, trends, experiences, and challenges in the area of software and system product lines engineering. Conference events include opportunities to hear industry leaders’ real-world experiences and researchers’ latest ideas and to learn from both.

The 23rd International Systems and Software Product Line Conference (SPLC 2019) will be held from September 9th to 13th, in the vibrant city of Paris, France and will be co-located with the 13th European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA, https://ecsa2019.univ-lille.fr/).


* Research Papers
High quality research work that uses established scientific methodologies, written using high standards of academic technical publications (see https://splc.lip6.fr/call-for-papers/call-for-research-papers/).

* Industrial Systems and Software Product Lines Papers
We invite submission of papers presenting challenges, innovations and solutions to concrete industrial applications of software and product line engineering methodologies and tools. Submitted papers should showcase a significant software component to the research.

* Challenges and Solutions Papers
We highly encourage community members to provide concrete sets of case studies and problems that showcase SPL-related challenges. First, there will be a call for cases where researchers or practitioners are encouraged to contribute a concrete case study. Then, after the accepted case studies are published, there will be a call for solutions. Both accepted case descriptions and solutions will be included in the conference proceedings.

* Journal First Papers
Authors of journal-first papers are invited to submit their publications to present their work at SPLC. This is an opportunity to speak directly to the community and offer SPLC attendees a richer set of presentations.

* Workshop Proposals
We invite the community to submit proposals for one or two- day workshops in the field. In particular, workshops on challenging, emerging areas related to conference topics.

* Demonstrations and Tools
This track highlights live demonstrations of product-line tools and of practices tackling current industrial challenges.

* Doctoral Symposium Papers
This track highlights doctoral proposals, both early and mid- phase, to be reviewed and commented on by a panel of experts.

* Tutorial Proposals
Tutorials provide a valuable opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge and skills in product line engineering. Tutorials may focus on introductory product lines topics, or on advanced tools, approaches, methods, and best practices.

* Panel Proposals
SPLC provides multiples opportunities for exchanging and discussing ideas and visions for software product line engineering. We call for your proposals for panels on software product line related topics.

Important Dates

* Research & Industrial Papers
Abstract submission: March 12, 2019
Paper submission: March 19, 2019
Notification: May 14, 2019

* Challenges
Case submission: January 25, 2019
Case notification: February 8, 2019
Solution submission: May 28, 2019
Notification: June 18, 2019

* Workshop Proposals
Proposal submission: February 15, 2019
Notification: March 1, 2019

* Data, Demonstrations, and Tools
Paper submission: May 28, 2019
Notification: June 18, 2019

* Doctoral Symposium
Paper submission: May 28, 2019
Notification: June 18, 2019

* Tutorials
Proposal submission: May 28, 2019
Notification: June 18, 2019

* Journal First
Paper submission: May 28, 2019
Notification: June 18, 2019


* General Chairs
Camille Salinesi, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France
Tewfik Ziadi, Sorbonne University, France

* Research Track Chairs
Laurence Duchien, University Lille, France
Thomas Thüm, TU Braunschweig, Germany

* Workshops Chairs
Carlos Cetina, University San Jorge, Span
Christoph Seidl, Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany

* Doctoral Symposium Chairs
Oscar Díaz, University of the Basque Country, Spain
Marianne Huchard, University of Montpellier, France

* Tutorials Chairs
Philippe Collet, University Côte d’Azur, France
Leticia Montalvillo, IK4-IKERLAN Research Center, Spain

* Panels Chair
Thorsten Berger, Chalmers | University of Gothenburg, Sweden

* Industrial Systems and Software Product Lines Chairs
Patrick Heymans, University of Namur, Belgium
Thomas Fogdal, Danfoss Power Electronics A/S, Denmark

* Hall of Fame Chairs
Natsuko Noda, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
Goetz Botterweck, University of Limerick, Ireland

* Challenge Track Chairs
Jabier Martinez, Tecnalia, Spain
Timo Kehrer, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

* Journal First Chair
Raul Mazo, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France

* Demonstrations and Tools Chairs
Leopoldo Teixeira, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
Rick Rabiser, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

* Local Organization Chairs
Lom Messan Hillah, University Paris Nanterre and Sorbonne University, France
Jacques Robin, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France

* Web Chair
Anas Shatnawi, Sorbonne University, France

* Proceedings Chair
Xhevahire Ternava, Sorbonne University, France

* Finance Chair
Thùy Dodo, Sorbonne University, France

* Publicity and Social Media Chairs
Clément Quinton, University Lille, France
Sébastien Mosser, Université du Québec à Montréal, Quebec
Wesley K. G. Assunção, Federal University of Technology – Paraná, Brazil

* Student Volunteers Chairs
Juliana Alves Pereira, University of Rennes, France

Program Committees

Available at: https://splc2019.net/program-committees/

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