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Event When Where Deadline
ASONAM 2023 Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining
Nov 6, 2023 - Nov 9, 2023 Morocco Jun 26, 2023
ASONAM 2022 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining
Nov 10, 2022 - Nov 13, 2022 Turkey Jun 9, 2022
ASONAM 2020 The 2020 IEEE/ACM International Conference on. Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining
Dec 7, 2020 - Dec 10, 2020 Netherlands Aug 2, 2020
ASONAM 2019 Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining
Aug 27, 2019 - Aug 30, 2019 Vancouver, Canada Apr 28, 2019
ASONAM 2017 Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining: Other Tracks, Workshops, Co-located Events
Jul 31, 2017 - Aug 3, 2017 Sydney, Australia May 1, 2017
ASONAM 2016 The 2016 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining
Aug 18, 2016 - Aug 21, 2016 San Francisco, CA, USA TBD
ASONAM 2015 Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining
Aug 25, 2015 - Aug 28, 2015 Paris, France Apr 17, 2015
ASONAM 2014 Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining
Aug 17, 2014 - Aug 20, 2014 Beijing, China Apr 9, 2014
ASONAM 2014 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) 2014 Industry Track
Aug 17, 2014 - Aug 20, 2014 Beijing, China May 23, 2014
ASONAM 2012 The 2012 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining
Aug 26, 2012 - Aug 29, 2012 Istanbul, Turkey Apr 15, 2012 (Apr 8, 2012)
ASONAM 2011 International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM 2011)
Jul 25, 2011 - Jul 27, 2011 Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Mar 15, 2011

Present CFP : 2023

Welcome to ASONAM 2023 Research Track
Submit Article

The international conference series on Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) provides an interdisciplinary venue that brings together researchers and practitioners from a broad variety of fields to promote collaborations and exchange of ideas and practices. ASONAM is intended to address important aspects with a specific focus on emerging trends, societal and industry needs. The conference solicits empirical, experimental, methodological, and theoretical research reporting original and unpublished results on social network analysis and mining along with applications. More specialized topics within ASONAM 2023 include, but are not limited to:

| Techniques
- Data collection and quality
- Big data and scalability
- Deep learning and embeddings
- Statistical learning
- Algorithms and techniques
- Visualization
- Modeling and simulation
- Explainable network analysis
- Large scale quantitative analysis

| Problems
- Centrality and roles
- Community detection
- Link prediction
- Information diffusion
- Influence propagation
- Anomaly detection
- Network macro structures
- Network evolution
- Emergence
- Privacy and security
- Collective behavior
- Crowd sourcing
- Dynamical Processes on Networks
- Social Sensing and Intelligence
- Social Recommender Systems
- Misinformation and Misbehavior Analysis and Detection
- Reputation and Trust in Social Networks
- Fairness Bias and Transparency in Social Media

| Application domains
- Attributed networks
- Online and offline social networks
- Multirelational, multidimensional, multi-aspect, multilayer networks
- Feature-rich networks
- Time-evolving networks
- Probabilistic networks
- Semantic networks
- Public health and epidemiology
- Social geography and spatial networks
- Social, cultural, and cyber anthropology
- Policy impact and analysis
- Networks in biology and ecology
- Digital Humanities
- Social good applications
- Urban science

| Special Focus on Social Networks in Africa
ASONAM 2023 will be held in Morocco, and will have a special focus on social media and social networks in Africa: for example, analysis on African commerce, transportation, health, languages and other social networks. This is the first time this conference will be held in Africa, and we are especially interested in submissions that produce and/or engage with datasets from the continent that can support research and learning in service of Africans.

To fully embrace the fast-growing and vigorously dynamic trend of social network approaches and applications, ASONAM 2023 is eager to consider any breakthroughs in social network analysis and mining in the broadest possible sense.

General areas of interest to ASONAM 2023 include information science and mathematics, communication studies, business and organizational studies, sociology, psychology, anthropology, applied linguistics, biology and medicine.

| Review Criteria
The papers will be reviewed and assessed by the program committee. Full paper manuscripts must be in English with a maximum length of 8 pages using the IEEE two-column template. We also solicit short papers with a maximum length of 4 pages. Submissions should include the title, author(s), affiliation(s), e-mail address(es), and abstract on the first page.

Papers will be accepted to the conference based on the reviewers' comments on their impact, originality, timeliness, relevance, and clarity of presentation. A Best Paper Award ceremony will be organized at the banquet. If the paper is accepted, the paper will appear in the proceedings of the conference if one author presents the paper at the conference and at least one author registers as a full conference participant.

| Authors Commit To Reviewing
By submitting to the conference, each author volunteers to be entered into the pool of potential PC members/reviewers for ASONAM 2023 and may be asked to review papers for the conference. This does not apply to authors who have already agreed to contribute to ASONAM 2023 in some capacity (e.g., as PC/SPC members of the main conference or special tracks, area chairs, or members of the organizing committee) and authors who are not qualified to be ASONAM PC members (e.g., undergraduate students, junior graduate students, researchers with a limited track record). This requirement may be waived in a limited range of exceptional circumstances (researchers leaving academia, parental leave, etc.)

| No Concurrent Submissions
Submitted papers must describe work that is substantively different from work that has already been published, or accepted for publication in an archival venue. ASONAM submissions must not be in concurrent submission to any archival conference or journal during the ASONAM review period. Note that papers previously uploaded to a pre-print server like arXiv but not published are acceptable as submissions to ASONAM. Submitted papers may also be uploaded to pre-print servers if desired by the authors.

| Authorship
Every person named as the author of a paper must have contributed substantially to the work described in the paper and/or to the writing of the paper. Every listed author must take responsibility for the entire content of a paper. Persons who do not meet these requirements may be acknowledged, but should not be listed as authors. Post-submission changes to the set of authors list are not allowed. Authorship may not be modified after the paper submission deadline.

| Publications
Accepted and presented papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings and forwarded for inclusion in IEEE Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL), IEEE eXplore, and the ACM Digital Library. The conference proceedings will be submitted for El indexing through INSPEC by the IEEE. Proceedings will be included in several indexes, e.g., Web of Science, SCOPUS, etc.

If you have any questions on ASONAM 2023, please send email to asonam2023 (AT) gmail (dot) com.


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