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Event When Where Deadline
ICWS 2024 International Conference on Web Services
Jul 7, 2024 - Jul 13, 2024 Shenzhen, China Mar 24, 2024 (Mar 17, 2024)
ICWS 2023 IEEE International Conference on Web Services
Jul 2, 2023 - Jul 8, 2023 Chicago Mar 25, 2023
ICWS 2022 International Conference on Web Services
Jul 10, 2022 - Jul 16, 2022 Barcelona Apr 1, 2022
ICWS 2021 2021 International Conference on Web Services-Special Track
Dec 10, 2021 - Dec 14, 2021 Online and Satellite Sessions. Oct 3, 2021
ICWS 2020 2020 International Conference on Web Services Call for Papers- EI Compendex and Scopus
Jun 22, 2020 - Jun 25, 2020 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Feb 5, 2020
Jul 20, 2020 - Jul 24, 2020 BEIJING, CHINA Mar 5, 2020
ICWS 2019 2019 International Conference on Web Services-Second Round
Jun 25, 2019 - Jun 30, 2019 San Diego Mar 22, 2019 (Mar 10, 2019)
ICWS 2018 The 2018 International Conference on Web Services
Jun 25, 2018 - Jun 30, 2018 Seattle, USA Mar 16, 2018
ICWS 2017 The 24th IEEE International Conference on Web Services
Jun 25, 2017 - Jun 30, 2017 Honolulu, HI, USA Jan 12, 2017
ICWS 2016 International Conference on Web Services
Jun 27, 2016 - Jul 2, 2016 San Francisco, CA, USA Feb 22, 2016
ICWS 2012 19th International Conference on Web Services
Jun 24, 2012 - Jun 29, 2012 Honolulu, Hawaii Mar 8, 2012
ICWS 2011 IEEE International Conference on Web Services
Jul 5, 2011 - Jul 10, 2011 Washington, USA Feb 14, 2011
ICWS 2010 The 8th IEEE International Conference on Web Services
Jul 5, 2010 - Jul 10, 2010 Miami, FL, USA Feb 1, 2010
ICWS 2009 The 7th IEEE International Conference on Web Services
Jul 7, 2009 - Jul 10, 2009 Los Angeles, CA, USA Jan 19, 2009 (Jan 12, 2009)
ICWS 2008 The IEEE International Conference on Web Services
Sep 23, 2008 - Sep 26, 2008 Beijing, China Apr 7, 2008

Present CFP : 2024


July 7-13, 2024
in Shenzhen, China


SERVICES 2024 is solely sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society under the auspice of the Technical Community on Services Computing (TCSVC). The scope of SERVICES 2024 covers all aspects of services computing and applications, current or emerging. Centered around services computing, SERVICES 2024 covers various systems and networking research pertaining to cloud, edge and Internet-of Things (IoT), as well as technologies for intelligent computing, learning, Big Data and blockchain applications, addressing critical issues such as knowledge network, high performance, security, privacy, dependability, trustworthiness, and cost-effectiveness. Particularly, the 2024 Congress will welcome papers on the continued aftermath and the impact of COVID-19 on services and the world infrastructure. In addition to co-located theme-topic conferences, the Congress will also include symposia and workshops supporting deep-dive discussions on emerging important topics, and complement the SERVICES 2024 program with industry and application presentations and panels. Authors are invited to prepare early and submit original papers to any of these conferences at www.easychair.org. All submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers. Accepted and presented papers will appear in the conference proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society Press. SERVICES 2024 is the only premier professional event for the services computing field offered by IEEE.

The International Conference on Web Services (ICWS) has been a prime international forum for both researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice of Web-based services, to identify emerging research topics, and to define the future of Web-based services. Areas include services modeling, development, publishing, discovery, recommendation, composition, testing, adaptation, and delivery, and Web services applications and standards.

ICWS Organizers

General Chairs:
- Claudio Ardagna, University of Milan
- Jian Yang, Macquarie University
- Jianwei Yin, Zhejiang University

Program Chairs:
- Zhongjie Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology
- Amin Beheshti, Macquarie University
- Stefano Russo, University of Naples Federico II

All topics relevant to Internet/Web based services are of interest. ICWS will organize refereed paper reviews in 8 research areas (themes):

[Special Track] Generative AI in Web Services
- LLM and Multimodal Models enhanced service discovery, selection, composition
- LLM-driven service recommendation: algorithms, models, and performance
- Service Reasoning with Generative AI Approaches
- Generative AI as a Service (GaaS)
- Reinforcement Learning and Transformer Models for Web Services
- Security and Privacy in Generative AI-Driven Systems
- Innovative Applications of Generative AI in Web Services

[Special Track] Datasets & Benchmarking for Service Computing Community
- Development and sharing of standard datasets
- Establishment of reliable and meaningful benchmarks
- Techniques for dataset creation, pre-processing, curation, and management in service computing
- Novel methodologies for performance evaluation using established benchmarks

Service Discovery, Selection and Recommendation
- Service publishing
- Service search engine
- Collaborative filtering
- Service recommendation
- Service reasoning
- Machine/Deep learning powered service discovery

Services Composition
- Automatic service composition
- Scientific workflows
- Business process integration and management
- Service coordination and cooperation
- Service-based data integration
- Data-driven service composition
- Knowledge-driven service composition
- Service orchestration and choreography for the future Internet

Services QoS Management
- Quality-of-Service (QoS) modeling and management
- Service QoS evaluation and prediction
- Autonomic services
- Web services testing
- Performance aspects of cloud and service virtualization
- Service level agreements

Services Security, Privacy and Trust
- Internet service security
- Privacy and trust
- Dependable and secure services
- Service auditing
- Service policy control
- Policy, regulation and governance & Servitization

Service Applications beyond the Web
- Web Services for the Internet of Things (IoT)
- Services in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
- Social networks and services
- Cloud services
- Edge services
- Mobile web services
- XaaS (everything as a service)
- Service-based processing and querying
- Service-based recommendation and prediction
- Crowdsourcing Services, Conversational Services
- Metaverse/VR/AR services
- Services for Artificial Intelligence
- (Smart) Cybersecurity services
- Other applications

Service Oriented Systems
- Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
- Service specification and modeling
- Service evolution
- Service Oriented Software Engineering methodologies
- Formal methods in services
- Software engineering for adaptive service-oriented systems
- Secure service lifecycle development

Please visit https://icws.conferences.computer.org/2024/call-for-papers/ for paper format and paper submission instructions for conferences being held under the IEEE Services Congress umbrella. The direct link for IEEE ICWS paper submission can be found here: https://easychair.org/my/conference?conf=ieeeicws2024

- Draft Submission Due: March 17, 2024
- Final Revision Submission Due: March 24, 2024
- Notification to Authors: May 6, 2024

For any questions regarding submissions, please email the IEEE ICWS conference chairs at ieeecs-icws@computer.org. Please visit https://icws.conferences.computer.org/2024/ for more information.

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