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Event When Where Deadline
ICPP 2016 2016 International Conference on Parallel Processing
Aug 16, 2016 - Aug 19, 2016 Philadelphia, PA USA Feb 26, 2016
ICPP 2015 International Conference on Parallel Processing
Sep 1, 2015 - Sep 4, 2015 Beijing, China Mar 2, 2015
ICPP 2014 International Conference on Parallel Processing
Sep 9, 2014 - Sep 12, 2014 Minneapolis, USA Mar 1, 2014
ICPP 2013 International Conference on Parallel Processing
Oct 1, 2013 - Oct 4, 2013 Lyon, France Mar 8, 2013
ICPP 2012 IEEE International Conference on Parallel Processing
Sep 10, 2012 - Sep 13, 2012 Pittsburgh, PA Mar 2, 2012
ICPP 2011 International Conference on Parallel Processing
Sep 13, 2011 - Sep 16, 2011 Taipei, Taiwan Mar 15, 2011
ICPP 2010 39th International Conference on Parallel Processing
Sep 13, 2010 - Sep 16, 2010 San Diego, CA, USA Feb 24, 2010
ICPP 2009 The 38th International Conference on Parallel Processing
Sep 22, 2009 - Sep 25, 2009 Vienna, Austria Feb 28, 2009
ICPP 2008 The 2008 International Conference on Parallel Processing
Sep 8, 2008 - Sep 12, 2009 Portland, Oregon, USA Feb 4, 2008

Present CFP : 2016

Call For Papers
PDF version: icpp2016_cfp.pdf.

The 45th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP-2016) will be held in Philadelphia, PA during August 16-19, 2016


Parallel and distributed computing is a central topic in science, engineering and society. ICPP, the International Conference on Parallel Processing, provides a forum for engineers and scientists in academia, industry and government to present their latest research findings in all aspects of parallel and distributed computing. ICPP 2016 will be organized around the following tracks:

* Algorithms
* Applications
* Computer Architecture
* Data Venter and Cloud Computing
* IO, Storage and File Systems
* Performance, reliability and dependability Modeling
* Programming Models and Languages
* Cyberphysical Systems

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline: February 26, 2016
Author Notification: May 6, 2016
Final Manuscript Due: June 3, 2016
Paper Submission

Paper submissions should be formatted according to the CPS standard double-column format with a font size 10 pt or larger. Each paper is strictly limited to 10 pages in length. Submissions should represent original, substantive research results. See the link for electronic paper submission instructions.


Proceedings of the conference and workshops will be available on CD or USB at the conference and will be submitted to IEEE Xplore and CSDL for EI indexing.

No-show Policy: Accepted paper which is not presented in the conference will be excluded from the final proceedings submitted to IEEE Xplore and CSDL.

Details of Track Topics

* Algorithms – Parallel and distributed algorithms
- Neeraj Mittal (UT/Dallas)
- Oliver Beaumont, INRIA, France

* Applications – Parallel & distributed processing applications including big data analytics and large-scale simulations, HPC, Cloud, and the long tail of science
- Daniel Katz (U/Chicago & ANL)
- Judy Qiu (Indiana)

* Architectures – heterogeneity (including multi/many cores, GPUs, accelerators, application specific architectures), energy efficiency (including approximate & near-threshold computing), inside-the-box interconnection networks, variability/reliability/fault-tolerance issues
- Tao Li (U/Florida)
- YiFeng Zhu (U/Maine)

* Data Center & Cloud Computing – virtualization and resource management, energy efficiency, Data Center networks (including technologies, protocols, topologies), mobile cloud computing, Software defined networks, Internet of Things
- Weisong Shi (Wayne State)
- Yanpei Chen (Cloudera)

* IO and Storage/File systems – IO virtualization, high performance IO, Software-defined storage, distributed & parallel file systems, emerging storage technologies (NVRAM, SWD) & systems (SCM), Robustness and resilience of storage/file systems.
- Andre Brinkman (U/Mainz, Germany)
- Ahmed Amer, Santa Clara University, USA

* Performance, reliability, availability and dependability Modeling, Analysis, and Evaluation
- Michela Taufer (U/Delaware)
- Seetharami Seelam (IBM)

* Programming Models – parallel programming models and languages, compilers, run-time systems, program analysis & synthesis methods and tools, program verification
- Mahmut Kandemir (Penn State)
- Xipeng Shen (NC State)

* Cyber-physical systems – real time and hybrid systems, communications protocols, design and analysis, security, privacy, robustness, safety, fault tolerance, reliability issues
- Nian-Feng Tzeng (U/Louisiana)
- Tarek Abdelzaher (UIUC)

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