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Event When Where Deadline
ICLP 2024 International Conference on Logic Programming
Oct 11, 2024 - Oct 17, 2024 Dallas May 6, 2024 (Apr 29, 2024)
ICLP 2023 International Conference on Logic Programming
Jul 9, 2023 - Jul 15, 2023 London, United Kingdom Feb 6, 2023 (Jan 30, 2023)
ICLP 2022 International Conference on Logic Programming
Jul 31, 2022 - Aug 8, 2022 Haifa, Israel TBD
ICLP 2021 The 37th International Conference on Logic Programming
Sep 20, 2021 - Sep 27, 2021 Virtual Event May 18, 2021 (May 12, 2021)
ICLP 2020 The 36th International Conference on Logic Programming
Sep 18, 2020 - Sep 24, 2020 Rende, Italy May 8, 2020
ICLP 2017 The 33rd International Conference on Logic Programming
Aug 28, 2017 - Sep 1, 2017 Melbourne, Australia Mar 17, 2017 (Mar 10, 2017)
ICLP 2016 32nd International Conference on Logic Programming
Oct 17, 2016 - Oct 21, 2016 New York City Apr 29, 2016 (Apr 22, 2016)
ICLP 2015 31st International Conference on Logic Programming
Aug 31, 2015 - Sep 4, 2015 Cork, Ireland Apr 27, 2015 (Apr 20, 2015)
ICLP 2013 29th International Conference on Logic Programming
Aug 24, 2013 - Aug 29, 2013 Istanbul, Turkey Apr 10, 2013 (Apr 3, 2013)
ICLP 2012 28th International Conference on Logic Programming
Sep 4, 2012 - Sep 8, 2012 Budapest, Hungary Mar 18, 2012 (Mar 11, 2012)
ICLP 2010 International Conference on Logic Programming
Jul 16, 2010 - Jul 19, 2010 Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. Feb 2, 2010 (Jan 26, 2010)
ICLP 2009 25th International Conference on Logic Programming
Jul 14, 2009 - Jul 17, 2009 Pasadena, California, USA Mar 3, 2009 (Feb 27, 2009)

Present CFP : 2024


Since the first conference In Marseille in 1982, ICLP has been the premier international event for presenting research in logic programming. Contributions are sought in all areas of logic programming, including but not restricted to:

Theoretical Foundations

Formal and operational semantics, Non-monotonic reasoning, Reasoning under uncertainty, Knowledge representation, Semantic issues of combining logic and neural models, Complexity results.

Language Design and Programming Methodologies

Concurrency and parallelism, Mobility, Interacting with ML, Logic-based domain-specific languages, Hybrid logical and imperative/functional languages, Programming techniques, Answer Set Programming, Inductive Logic Programming, Coinductive Logic Programming

Program Analysis and Optimization

Analysis, Transformation, Verification, Debugging, Profiling, Visualization, Logic-based validation of generated programs.

Implementation Methodologies

Compilation, Parallel/distributed execution, Constraint implementation, Tabling, Logic-based prompt engineering, User interfaces.


Paper Registration April 29, 2024
Submission deadline for regular papers, main/application tracks May 6, 2024
Notification to authors June 19, 2024
Revision deadline (when needed) July 8, 2024
Submission deadline for short papers, main/application tracks,
System demos, BOF meetings, and recently published research July 8, 2024
Final notification July 22, 2024
Final copy due August 5, 2024
Main conference October 14-17, 2024


In addition to the main track, ICLP 2024 will host:

Applications Track: invites submissions on emerging and deployed applications of LP, describing aspects of the development, deployment, and evaluation of logic programming systems to solve real-world problems, including interesting case studies, benchmarks, and lessons learned.
Recently Published Research Track: provides a forum to discuss important recent results related to logic programming that have appeared (from January 2022 onward) in selective journals and conferences, but have not been presented at ICLP.
System Demonstrations. We invite submissions to showcase logic programming systems in a live setting. This track is not designed for sales pitches. Rather demonstrations are a way for the community to see the relevance, potential, and innovation of the system and to allow time for discussion with its creator(s).
Birds of a Feather (BoF) Sessions. We invite proposals for break-out sessions during ICLP to provide informal discussions for colleagues with similar interests in inclusive environments. BoFs are not intended to be presentations: proposers of BoF sessions should serve as discussion leaders only.


All submissions must be written in English. Papers accepted at ICLP may appear either in

The journal Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (TPLP) published by Cambridge University Press. TPLP format is described at https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/theory-and-practice-of-logic-programming/information/instructions-contributors
The ICLP 24 Technical Communication Proceedings published by Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science (EPTCS). EPTCS format is described at http://style.eptcs.org

All accepted papers will be presented during the conference. Authors of accepted papers will by default be automatically included in the list of ALP members, who will receive quarterly updates from the Logic Programming Newsletter at no cost. The forms of submission are as follows.

Main and Application Tracks All papers must describe original, previously unpublished research, and must not simultaneously be submitted for publication elsewhere. (These restrictions do not apply to previously accepted workshop papers with a limited audience and/or without archival proceedings.)Main and Application track submissions may have one of two forms.
Regular papers are at most 14 pages in TPLP format, including references. Accepted regular papers will be published either in a special issue of TPLP or in the Technical Communication Proceedings of ICLP ’24. In the latter case, papers must be reformatted into EPTCS format and must not exceed 14 pages. Authors of Regular papers accepted as Technical Communications can convert their submissions into extended abstracts (2 or 3 pages in EPTCS format) which should allow authors to submit a long version elsewhere.
Short papers (7 pages in EPTCS format, including references). The accepted short papers will be published in the Technical Communication Proceedings.
Recently Published Research Track We invite extended abstracts describing previously published research (from January 2022 onwards) in selective journals and conferences, that has not been previously presented at ICLP. The extended abstract should be 2-3 pages in EPTCS format and accompanied by a title page with (i) details on where the original paper appeared, (ii) a link to the original paper, (iii) a paragraph describing why the authors believe this work warrants a presentation at ICLP. The extended abstracts will be published in the Technical Communication Proceedings.
System Demonstrations We invite extended abstracts (2 or 3 pages in EPTCS format) describing systems to be demonstrated in a session of ICLP. System demonstrations should provide highlights of the novel features of the system, along with information about how to access it. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Technical Communication Proceedings.
Birds of a Feather (BoF) Proposals Finally we invite extended abstracts (2-3 pages in EPTCS format) that propose breakout sessions that may take place during the ICLP 24 conference. BOF proposals should motivate the relevance of the topic to logic programming, describe the expected audience, identify discussion leaders and their expertise, and provide a brief description of the activities during the session. BoF proposals should also discribe the planned practices to promote inclusion and to foster attendee involvement. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Technical Communication Proceedings.

Submissions will be made via EasyChair. The submission Web page for ICLP2024 is

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